4 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health

Let’s be honest, even people who say they don’t like to travel much, love to travel. The biggest reason behind that is that those trips give you a unique experience, adventure, and memories that last a lifetime. You might be surprised to know that traveling has much more personal benefits like lower risk of heart disease, increased life satisfaction and happiness and even better family relationships.

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So to give you an overall idea of what exactly are the benefits of traveling, we decided to lay down the 4 biggest reasons why traveling is good for your health.

  1. Learning

You won’t visit any country that has the same culture as yours. And that’s the biggest takeaway of travel. You get to experience a ton of different cultures, cuisines, sights, museums, etc. In short, you will be learning a ton more about other cultures when you are traveling which is not only good for your brain but also good for your overall body.

If you are a student, then studying abroad can have a huge effect on your academic grades because research has proven over and over again that students who travel learn more effectively and get better grades than students who stay at home.

And it’s not only the grades, student who travel have much more self-confidence. Overall, students who traveled abroad were more likely to complete a college degree and eventually go on to earn at least 40% higher compared to their non-traveling peers.


  1. Happiness

This is a no-brainer. Traveling is something we do to get away from that stressful job that we have throughout the year. Traveling and relaxing goes hand in hand.

Traveling was something that was built inside us. As humans, we are travelers and that’s the way we discovered everything about our planet and in outer space too (although traveling into space would be a little bit stressful compared to visiting Paris for a week).

The best part about travel is that it reduces stress immediately. And the best part is that it increases your ability to handle even more stress at work. Not to mention the added bonuses of increased productivity, lower rates of absenteeism, etc.


  1. Relationship Building

Research has proven over and over again that couples who travel together felt that their relationship had improved a lot. More than 75% of the adults give credit to traveling together to their awesome relationships.

And it shows why because you are able to form lifelong memories with your family and loved ones once you travel with them.

And it’s not just the relationships that you build. It is also known that because of travel your family will have less behavioral problems and illness in children. So make sure that you focus on getting that next vacation right if you want to save some money on those medical bills.


  1. Wellness

This is probably the biggest reason why you should never stop traveling. Research has shown that travel is linked to lower risk of heart diseases. There were at least 12,000 men aged between 18-35 who took at least one vacation per year and they were at least 30% less likely to die from a heart disease compared to their non-traveling peers.

And it’s not just the risk of heart diseases. Traveling has also been linked with lower levels of depressions. At least 15,000 women reported that having at least one vacation every year reduces the risk of depression significantly.


So while you might be printing those Benjamins when you aren’t traveling, it is still a good idea to travel at least once every year because who knows, you might just save yourself from a heart disease, or avoid being depressed or just save your relationship with that girl.

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